Lucy Beaumont is the founder of Scout Pilates. An inner-West local, Lucy’s chief goal is for pilates to be inclusive, community-minded and a lot of fun - definitely not intimidating. With over 10 years practicing and teaching, Lucy is also a qualified clinical nutritionist. Inspired by her work instructing pilates across Sydney and New York City, Lucy draws on her and the Scout team’s expertise and experience to deliver energetic and rewarding classes, all set in an converted warehouse studio space.

 Located in the heart of Sydney’s Inner West, our schedule of classes will both energise and challenge you, drawing on a dynamic mix of reformer, mat and barre techniques.

We invite you to relax before or after your class in our beautiful studio, charge your phone, read a book or simply chill in our cosy reception lounge. Enjoy our sparkling bathrooms, with change rooms and shower facilities, before heading out into the buzzing Inner West.


Inclusive, accessible and fun. Scout Pilates offers a community that is for everyone. We’re not about sculpting your ‘summer body’, we’re here to teach you stability, strength and flexibility, from which cultivates confidence, glow and happiness. 

Pilates does not discriminate and neither do we - we are open to all ages, genders and fitness levels. Scout Pilates wants you to feel stronger, more flexible and to make use of muscles you might not use every day or even know you had! Our specialty classes are dynamic, expertly led and accessible as a regular practice. Our classes employ a variety of equipment and techniques - Balance Body’s Allegro II reformers, small apparatus props, the ballet barre and your own body weight as resistance - to realign your body to make it feel balanced and strong. 

Expect detailed and individual direction from experienced instructors who focus on contemporary, evidence-based, functional movement. This is teamed with upbeat, vibey music, all in a beautiful, bright warehouse space.

We welcome you to Scout Pilates and we hope to become a positive, adventurous and integrated part of your life.